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Autumn skin care

Wind and chilly weather protection for every day


With the following steps you will be able to renew, protect and nourish your skin throughout the Autumn and Winter period.


Body and face cleaning and exfoliating

When the summer has gone, it is time to renew and prepare our skin for winter. The sunny hours decrease, so it is safer to exfoliate and give our skin a chance to respire.

One choice can be to clean the skin with natural soap. The slightly basic pH helps the dead skin to peel off easier. It is very important to use the right exfoliator for the certain body part and skin type.

For body harder exfoliators can be used such as ground jojoba seeds, ground walnut shell, oatmeal, small seeds (strawberry, blueberry, etc), ground coffee, or physical peelers like a loofah, sponge or special gloves and so on. Nohabe Kaffee Arabica soap is an excellent exfoliating soap for every day usage for body and face; with coffee it also helps odors to disappear. On very sensitive, thin skin or, on the face it should be used with attention, not to harm the skin with the ground coffee pieces.

As face skin is thinner and usually more sensitive we may choose an exfoliator which peels more gently. Oatmeal, volcanic ash, and clay can be a good choice. Nohabe soaps contain 3 different types of clays: white, green and pink. Nohabe Vintage Rose soap is made with pink clay and rose essential oil. Pink clay is technically a mixture of red and white clay. Nohabe Lavendel Dream soap is made with white clay, lavender essential oil and lavender buds. This soap peels the dead skin off with white clay and the buds' pieces, while the essential oil calms the skin down. Nohabe Olive & Kürbis Fusion soap is made with green clay, it is ideal to use on sensitive skin for peeling, it also cleans the mascara off perfectly.


Body nourishing

When the skin is exfoliated it is ready to be nourished. Rebuilding the sebum coverage, hydration and protection are all very important. An average body lotion offers you all these steps from one bottle, but pay attention, our skin may pay for this comfort. Normally a body lotion contains 60-80% of water, and as water gives substrate for germs a preservative should be always added, which may irritate the skin. As water and oil doesn't really like each other, an emulsifier is also added to body lotions, which can also make skin problems. In Nohabe body butters we skip the water as it is easy to add yourself, so we don't need neither emulsifier nor preservative. Our skin nourishing butters are very concentrated, one jar, 100 ml (70-80g) is equal with 250-500 ml average body lotion. Only a small amount is needed to be applied to damp skin or with wet hands. Gently massage the butter into the skin, and if you have taken too much, wipe the rest away with a gentle cloth.

We offer 3 types of body butters. Nohabe Rosengeranie body butter is for all skin types from normal to dry skin. Nohabe Schoko Magic body butter for dry skin, and Nohabe Kaffee Arabica body butter for toning.


Hand cleaning and nourishing

These tough times with Covid-19 we wash our hands more frequently, and we may also use disinfection agents. This may cause our hands extremely dry and irritated.

Traditional soaps are very effective in fighting with gems. For knowing the science behind, please read our previous blog article here.

When our hands are dried out and irritated it is very hard to find a cream, which doesn't burn, as most of the creams for dry skin contains some type of alcohol. The other problem with hand creams for very dry skin is the high glycerine content, which will make a nice silky touch, but that lasts only until the first hand wash, and the skin become even more dry. The reason for this is that glycerine can take out the water from the skin, when the amount in the cream is too high. Nohabe resolution for this problem is a special hand balm, which contain neither any alcohol nor glycerine. And as for body butters, doesn't contain any water, therefore no preservative and emulsifier is needed. Nohabe Wüste Feed hand balm according to our satisfied customers is an ideal treatment for dried out hands.


Face and lips nourishing

When the weather gets colder and the wind is chilly it is time to protect our face and lips from drying out. Some people also experience cold eczema caused by the weather. Usual face creams with high amount of oils and butters contain alcohol, which can burn the same way as the hand creams, lip balms with too high amount of glycerine can make the lips even more dry, and it is also a never ending loop: all the day it is needed to apply the lip balm several times, otherwise it is painful and cracked. Nohabe face balms are all natural, just like the body butters and the hand balm, contain neither alcohol nor glycerine, neither water nor preservative and emulsifier. Nohabe offers you three different types of face balms and an eye and lip balm.

Nohabe Hydro Feel face balm is for young, normal to dry skin. Hydro Clean face balm is for oily to normal skin, and Hydro Age is for mature skin. For extreme dryness we recommend you to use Hydro Age face balm. Always use all of the face balms on damp skin or apply with wet hands.

Nohabe Smaragd Beauty eyes and lips balm is ideal for the sensitive and thin skin around the eyes, and for the lips. For lip care it is not needed to apply it from time to time, morning and evening application is enough to normal winter activities, during sports or hiking more application may be needed.

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