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Rosengeranie Body Butter

Rosengeranie Body Butter


Nohabe Rosengeranie whipped body butter made with mango butter, cocoa butter, almond oil and sunflower oil. With geranium essential oil. Ideal for normal to dry skin. With a natural SPF of 6-8. The fragrance is also pampering you soul. For best result, clean the body with you choice Nohabe soap bar, then use the body butter on damp skin.

Choose Nohabe Rosengeranie Body Butter if you:

  • Take care of the environment, the body butter is zero-waste, packed in aluminium jar, which is 100% reusable
  • Are having normal to dry skin
  • Love the natural scent of Rose
  • Have passion, are sensitive and can protect yourself like a real Rose
  • Want to use a product made with only natural ingredients
Handgemalte Blumen

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