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Handgemalte Blumen
Grüne Blatter.

Family Manufacture

Small family manufacture located in Dintikon, Switzerland. The products are all made by myself. My husband is responsible for the design, he created the packages, the logo and all the graphical elements. Photos and retouch is also made by ourselves. Our children are our first and very critical customers.

I have graduated as a biology and chemistry teacher. In addition, I also have a postgraduate MSc degree in biology. During my maternity leave, I became a postpartum doula. I am passionate about helping women who are becoming mothers. All three of my children have very sensitive skin. Therefore, I focus on skin-friendly and additive-free solutions to cleanse our skin and nourish it with precious body butters. Developing and testing different formulas is my passion and is reflected in our high quality, handmade products. Beside this as a main job I am working in the clinical research industry as a Senior Clinical Research Associate. 

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