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Handgemalte Blumen
Handgemalte Blumen
Handgemalte Blumen


Here we will describe our philosophy about nature cosmetics.


Nowadays it is very trendy to produce and sell nature cosmetics. As there is no standard description for nature cosmetics, it is very hard for the customer to find out what it exactly means. There is only a black list existing, where the forbidden ingredients are listed.


People have the right to know what are the ingredients in a product, that is the reason for the INCI requirement. INCI is International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. This list not only contains the exact ingredient, but also refers to the amount of that ingredient. On the first place should be written the highest amount, and the last place is for the less ingredient. You can be sure to have a real nature product if you can understand the INCI list on your product description.

Nohabe Natur Cosmetics:

  • contain ingredients which are drived directly from the nature

  • free of modified ingredients

  • free from artificial ingredients

  • free of artificial chemicals

  • free of palm oil

  • free of cosmetic pigments

  • free of titanium-dioxide

  • free of perfume

  • free of artificial preservative

  • free of artificial consistency additives

Mystic Moments organic cosmetical ingredients.

We buy our ingredients only from certified suppliers, where every ingredient has its certificate of analysis as a proof of quality. We use organic ingredients where available. Unfortunately there are some ingredients where the organic version is not available.


Most of our ingredients are virgin and organic, but we also use refined ingredients mainly to make our products more pleasant for the users. We are also checking the refining method, so that no chemicals are used during the process. For example we are using bio deodorised shea butter where the deodorising is done via heating and water steam.


Our ingredients:

Handgemalte Blumen
  • Shea butter (100% pure butter, refined and organic)

  • Cocoa butter (100% pure butter refined-organic or virgin)

  • Cocoa powder ( 100% pure cocoa powder, organic)

  • Coconut oil (cold pressed virgin organic, or RBD organic)

  • Argan oil (cold pressed, virgin and organic)

  • Evening primrose oil (cold pressed, virgin and organic)

  • Hemp seed oil (cold pressed, virgin and organic)

  • Aloe vera powder (200:1 concentration, organic)

  • Black cummin seed oil (cold pressed, filtered and organic)

  • Pumpkin seed oil (cold pressed, virgin and organic)

  • Jojoba oil (cold pressed, filtered, organic)

  • Almond sweet oil (cold pressed and organic)

  • Camellia Tea oil (pressed, RBDW)

  • Sunflower oil (refined, organic)

  • Raspberry seed oil (cold pressed, virgin)

  • Cucumber seed oil (cold pressed, virgin)

  • Sour cherry seed oil (cold pressed)

  • Wheatgerm oil (virgin)

  • Neem oil (cold pressed)

  • Castor oil (cold pressed)

  • Beeswax (100% natural)

Handgemalte Blumen

Our essential oils:

  • Lavandin Grosso (steam destillation, organic)

  • Tea tree (steam destillation, organic)

  • Rose Damask Absolute Oil Dilution (steam destillation 3%)

  • Ylang Ylang 1st (steam destillation)

  • Rose Geranium (steam destillation)

  • Orange Sweet (cold pressed)

Geöffnete kleine braune Glasflasche mit ätherischem Öl.
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