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No Black Friday

We are supporting conscious shopping


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Hand on heart: How many things have you already bought quite superfluously just because they were very cheap? Maybe you often can't resist the unbelievable offers, although you could have bought less, but more useful and high-quality things with the same money.

This is exactly why we do not want to encourage senseless shopping: our basic principle is to offer only high quality cosmetics that you are guaranteed to use for a long time and with pleasure.

Our products are Swiss made in small batches. The slightly higher price here means individuality and premium quality.


Buy products that you really need!

We swear by the latter. That's why we're convinced that instead of buying superfluous Black Friday stimulants, it's better to buy what you really need. When it comes to shopping, we focus on quality, not quantity.

Here are our key points:

  • Selling a product for the 20-50% price means there is a huge profit on the product original price. Possible mass production, and underpaid workers and exploitation.

At Nohabe we are making fair prices, we do not want to have enormous profit, and we are giving our customers time to time fair discount.

  • We are supporting conscious shopping.

Nohabe products are concentrated, only a small amount is needed, and contain no preservatives, therefore we encourage our customers to buy only the amount that they will actually use. In this case they will always have fresh products, and they surely won't have to waste any products because they have expired.

  • Loyalty program.

At Nohabe we reward our loyal customers. Shopping in a timely manner gives you more discount.

Christmas picture with Nohabe products: bath salt, body butter, soap, face balm, hand balm and eye and lip balm.

Choose something for yourself or for your beloved ones for Christmas.

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