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All soaps are handmade and only contain nutritious butters and oils. Non of the soaps contains palm oil as it is very important for me to protect the environment. All soap recipes are made by myself, all are vegan and free of any kind of artificial additives such as preservatives, colorants or perfumes. As the colors of the soaps depend on the oils and the butters, and the natural ingredients (clay, flower tea, coffee etc.), it can vary by batch. Small color discrepancies, dots and darker and lighter parts can be presented, which doesn't affect the soaps' quality.

Nohabe soap is created in small batches with care and using an ancient method that allows me, to choose each premium natural ingredient to suit skin care benefits.

Nohabe luxury soap is made entirely by hand in the cold process tradition. “Made by hand” means hand stirring and blending, pouring, cutting, trimming and wrapping each unique bar.   From formulation to blending to resting and curing, every bar has been through at least a four to six week process to get to your home. 

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