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Nohabe Soaps Fighting with Germs!

Soap is our weapon.


What does a soap with the viruses?

Soap works better than alcohol and disinfectants at destroying the structure of viruses. Soap dissolves the fat membrane, and the virus falls apart and it becomes inactive. Disinfectants, or liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol (and soap) have a similar effect but are not as good as regular soap. Alcohol and soap, antibacterial agents in those products don’t affect the virus structure that much, therefore many antibacterial products are basically just an expensive version of soap in how they act on viruses.

The science behind

First of all let's see what a virus is and how it works:

Most viruses consist of three key building blocks: RNA, proteins and lipids.The RNA is the viral genetic material — it is similar to DNA. The lipids are forming a coat around the virus, both for protection and to assist with its spread and cellular invasion. When a virus invades a cell, the RNA “hijacks” the cellular machinery (like a computer virus) and forces the cell to make fresh copies of its own RNA and the various proteins that make up the virus.

Why viruses "like" our skin?

The skin is an ideal surface for a virus. It is organic, and the proteins and fatty acids in the dead cells on the surface interact with the virus through both hydrogen bonds and the “fat-like” hydrophilic interactions.

What does the soap?

Soap contains fat-like substances known as amphiphiles, some structurally similar to the lipids in the virus membrane. The soap molecules “compete” with the lipids in the virus membrane. That is more or less how soap also removes normal dirt of the skin. The soap molecules also compete with a lot other non-covalent bonds that help the proteins, RNA and the lipids to stick together. The soap is effectively “dissolving” the glue that holds the virus together.

Our first line defense: the skin

The skin is the largest organ of your body. It acts as a barrier between pathogens and your body. Skin forms a waterproof mechanical barrier. Microorganisms that live all over your skin can’t get through your skin unless it’s injured. So it is very important to protect your skin from overdrying even if you wash your hands several times a day.

Protecting and cleaning. It is possible!

With our soaps you can clean your skin properly without overdrying.

Nohabe soaps

#Nohabe soaps are handmade and only contain nutritious butters and oils. Non of the soaps contains palm oil as it is very important for me to protect the environment. All soap recipes are made by myself, all are vegan and free of any kind of artificial additives such as preservatives, colorants or perfumes. As the colors of the soaps depend on the oils and the butters, and the natural ingredients (clay, flower tea, coffee etc.), it can vary by batch. Small color discrepancies, dots and darker and lighter parts can be presented, which doesn't affect the soaps' quality. All soaps are superfatted, which means the soap bars contain free fatty acids which will nourish the skin, and protect it from overdyring.

Nohabe soap is created in small batches with care and using an ancient method that allows me, to choose each premium natural ingredient to suit skin care benefits.

Nohabe premium soap is made entirely by hand in the cold process tradition. “Made by hand” means hand stirring and blending, pouring, cutting, trimming and wrapping each unique bar. From formulation to blending to resting and curing, every bar has been through at least a four to six week process to get to your home.

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