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Special product order

Updated: May 19, 2021

We are always happy to serve our customers special requests.


Recently we have received a specal request from a very frinedly and kind customer. She asked us to create a a soap especially for her with a very unique ingredient and also with a special grafic for the packing.

We were very happy to work together with her. We were very excited about the project.

It always a great supprise how the chemistry is working with an unique ingredient. Although we calculate everything, we cannot be sure about the result.



Our customer has tried out our sopas for finding herself the perfect recipe. She asked some modifications regarding the color, so I have recalculated the recipe according to her request.

Then I measured out every ingredient.


Soap making

I heated up the oils and the lye solution to 40 degrees and started to mix. It took some time to reach the trace phase. After reaching the trace, the soap "puding" was poured into its mold.

And now waiting for the chemistry to happen.

The mass was heating itself up to fast, therefore I had to place it into the fridge.

Finally the soap hardened within 24 hours.


Cutting, curing, graphical planning

After hardening, the soap was cutted into bars, and placed into a paper box for 6 weeks. During this 6 weeks the personalized design was made.


Customer Review

After 6 weeks the soaps were packed and sent to the customer. We were so happy to recieve the following review:

"I have just recived the soap! Oh my, it's gorgeous! The Parfum is very subtle and nice, the foam is soft. Perfect. Thank you also for the suprise, I love it!"



If you would like to order larger quantities, or if you would like to have personalized soap bars for example as a wedding or company gift, please contact us. We will find the solution for you. If you want to buy more than 10 pieces of soap, click here and please contact us for a special price.

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