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Locke Basic Hair Care Pack

Locke Basic Hair Care Pack


The Nohabe Locke Complete Hair Pack contains a Nohabe Locke Pure hair soap, a Nohabe Locke Silk granulat, a Nohabe Locke Cure scalp nourishing oil and a Nohabe Locke Neat detangler spray.

This pack will resolve completally your scalp and hair problems. No more dundruff and hair loss. No combing problems. All natural ingredients.

Choose Nohabe Locke Complete hair care pack if you:

  • Take care of the environment, the pack is zero-waste, packed in paper and glass
  • Have problematic scalp (itching, dundruff, eczema, too oily scalp), the hairsoap will normalize the scalp, the granulat will give shine, the oil will nourish your scalp and the detangler spray will make your hair easy to comb
  • Want to have a healthy scalp and a naturally beauriful hair with no-chemical additives
  • Want to use a product made with only natural ingredients
  • Want to have a discount with buying products together
Handgemalte Blumen

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